Alternative Distribution Solution

Apart from being a sales agent for PostNL's national services in the Netherlands, we can also offer you its wide range of international services.

You can send your mail anywhere in the world, but you cannot send it back to the country where the mail originated. PostNL’s international services are renowned for their high quality and you would benefit from this as your mail passes through their network on to their international destination.

The international services we can offer:

Some details per product

Postage Paid Mixed International
When you send daily mail of all shapes and sizes to international destinations, this service provides a priority solution for your business. Why? All you need to do is give us your mailbag(s) for destinations within the European Union and your mailbag(s) for all other destinations and we will let PostNL take care of the rest. It’s that simple.

Corporate Mail
This service is very similar to Postage Paid Mixed International exept that your mail can be sent at either a priority or standard delivery speed. However, you do have to spend €8,000 per year on this product. In return PostNL can offer you a lower rate when compared with Postage Paid Mixed International. If you have the possibility to sort your mail even lower rate apply. Find out if your daily mailing volumes qualify for this services by contacting us now.

Direct Mail and Direct Mail Mix
With Direct Mail, PostNL mean all types of printed matter. And if your goods are not heavier than 2kg, they can be sent through either of these services as well. For items that are of various shapes and sizes, Direct Mail Mix would be the product for you. For items that are of exactly the same shape, size and weight there is Direct Mail. These services offer an unsorted and sorted service option. Both services offer priority and standard delivery speeds.

When you use the Mailbag service, all items in one bag are sent to the same address. Very convenient when you regularly send two or more items to one address.

Periodicals Belgium
It is all in the name: a service for sending periodicals to Belgium. Although the maximum weight is lower (1.5kg instead of 2kg), you get better rates compared to using the Direct Mail/Direct Mail Mix services when you send your periodicals destined for Belgium through this service.

International Parcels
Through the PostNL Parcel Service network, we can also offer you two international parcel services. One is called EPS, which is a priority service for parcels sent to countries within the European Union (excluding the Netherlands, see Destination Netherlands for more details). The other is called Global Pack, also a priority service but for parcels to all other destinations.

International Business Return Service
Making it easy for your customers to respond is generally considered important. We might even say it is a priority. Therefore, PostNL only offer a priority international return service. You also benefit from only having to create one easy layout for all your international responses; what could be easier?

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How much does it cost?

The PostNL tariff brochure (see download above) does not include the so-called revenue-related rates. These rates are tailored to the amount of revenue you spend on a particular international service.

So please ask us for a quotation and we will include the transportation cost to the Netherlands, as well as a rate in your local currency (should this be required).

Other services


Note: These services are subject to the PostNL’s terms and conditions.