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Destination Germany

Are you a part of a global organisation that sends large volumes of international mail correspondence, transaction mail or direct mail, mail order catalogues, magazines and parcels to addresses in Germany?

Or maybe your company runs mailing operations in a number of countries including Germany but wants to consolidate and centralise production in one location.

Whatever your need, let Spring give you the best deal, the best advice and the best service.   Already some of the biggest names in computing and office supplies use this service so you’ll be in good company.

We are the international agent of TNT Post Germany - an alternative distribution network to the incumbent post office and our preferred delivery partner in Germany.  Through this special agreement, we can offer you great services including sorting, franking and mail consolidation at more competitive rates for your shipments arriving into Germany.  By using us as your agent, your company doesn’t even need to have a local presence in Germany.

Not only that, but we can provide a choice of delivery partners, access to TNT Post’s services in Germany, and a local image by using a personalised German indicia.  If you’re looking for expertise to maximise response rates and processing for undeliverable mail items, then you also have the option to tap into our excellent response handling services.

Our e-sorted services mean you can also install an e-sortation programme onto your database.  You’ll be able to see exactly how many items are going with which delivery partner,  will benefit from enhanced transit times because physical sortation is unnecessary and if you want any returns confirmed, you’ll get these quickly and efficiently too, though  electronic data transfer.

Quite simply, we’ll match the best services and price to your particular requirements - so you can relax about your mail costs and the quality of our service, and focus on your core business.