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Direct Mail Services

If your items are not of a personal nature, PostNL offer a wide range of Direct Mail services for you to choose from. Each of these services has its own specific requirement, but they are also often lower in price than the letter services.
Direct Mail
You can send any kind of Direct Mail with this service, but if you send periodicals or sponsored magazines you may want to find out more about the specifice services PostNL offers for these types of Direct Mail.
PostNL offers DM services from 250 items per mailing with Basic DM: a hassle free, competitive priced service. However, if you send more than 5,000 items per mailing they can offer you even better prices via Economy DM and Budgetmail DM.
So no matter the size of your mailing, no matter the quantity you send per mailing and no matter the speed PostNL can offer you a specialised service for your Direct Mail.
Do you send magazines or newspapers that are part of the independent press? Then you can benefit from competitive rates through PostNL’s periodicals service.
You can benefit from this service if:
  • your periodical contains news value and/or is of socio-cultural nature
  • your periodical has an independent editorial
  •  your periodical appears at least 4 times and is send by PostNL at least once per quarter (minimum number of items 250)
  • your periodical does not contain more than 80% of advertisements
  • your periodicals fits a standard mailbox and does not weigh more than 2 kilograms per item
The tariff for this service depends on the quantity, size and weight as well as the chosen delivery speed. If you would like your periodicals to be delivered quickly then you can use PostNL’s 24 hours service. More cost effective solutions are the Basic 48 hours and Basic 72 hours services. Do you send mailings larger than 5,000 items then you can benefit from tailor made rates with PostNL Bulk Mail services.
Economy Direct Mail
The cost effective alternative for direct mailings larger than 5,000 items is PostNL’s Economy DM. You simply handover your mailing on Friday or Monday and delivery will take place in the subsequent period from Tuesday to Saturday.
Mailings within Economy DM are rectangular, fit a standard mailbox and do not weigh more than 2 kilograms per item. Tariffs for this service depend on the quantity, size and weight per mailing. You can benefit from even more competitive rates if you sort your mailing before handing it over.

Should you have any questions or if you require more information then please do not hesitate to contact us!