Mandarin (35%) and English (23%)

697 sq kms

Number of inhabitants:
4.7 million

Number of households:
1.3 million

GDP per head:
US$ 62,100.-

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Address format
The postcode contains 6 digits and is placed to the right of the city.

A Singapore address must include:
  • the building block number, building number or house number followed by the road or street name
  • unit number preceded by #
  • Singapore plus postcode.

If mail is addressed to a commercial building, the name of the building may be included, for example.

Mr Alvin Tan
Company X
Block 4, Kaki Bukit Avenue 1
Eunos Techpark #07-05

Chinese name format

If a person has a western first name, the name format is:
  • first name followed by the surname, i.e. Mr Alvin Tan
If a person has a Chinese first name (of two parts), the name format is:
  • surname followed by the two-part first name, i.e. Mr Tan Chee Choong

Undeliverable mail terms

The postal authorities denote the undeliverable mail reasons in the English language: 

  • Box closed/vacant
  • Incomplete address
  • Moved
  • No such name/company
  • No such number/block/road
  • Premises vacant
  • Refused
  • Wrong/no such box no

National Holidays 2012

1 January New Year's Day
23 and 24 January Chinese New Year
6 April  Good Friday 
1 May Labour Day
7 May Wesak Day 
9 August National Day
13 August Substitution for the Queen's Birthday
20 August Hari Raya Puasa
26 October Hari Raya Haji
13 November  Deewali
25 December  Christmas Day