United States of America

Washington D.C.

English (82.7%)

9,826,675 sq kms

Number of inhabitants:
313.2 million

Number of households:
121 million

GDP per head:
US$ 47,200.-

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Address formats
If there is no space for office suite number or floor number at the end of the street address line, these should be placed in the line above.

If a post office box number is used in place of a street address, these can be written as 'PO Box 1234' or 'POB 1234'. It is advisable to avoid using both post office box numbers and street addresses. If both are used, the post office box number should be the lower line, and this will be used if mail can be delivered there.

The use of capital letters and the omission of punctuation are not obligatory but are advised.

Spring Global Mail
10 E 34TH ST FL 7
NEW YORK NY 10016-4327

Undeliverable mail terms
  • Moved-left no address
  • Unknown
  • No such Number
  • Refused
  • Unclaimed
  • Insufficient address
National Holidays 2012

1 January New Year's Day
2 January New Year's Day in lieu
16 January Martin Luther King Day
20 February ♦ President's Day
28 May ♦ Memorial Day
4 July ♦ Independence Day
3 September ♦ Labour Day
8 October ♦ Columbus Day
12 November ♦ Veterans Day
22 November ♦ Thanksgiving
25 December Christmas