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Unaddressed Mail Services

The Dutch are very fond of receiving unaddressed leaflets, flyers and magazines. On average they spend 36 minutes per week reading them. Almost 50% of unaddressed mailings are being read of which 75% is being read by at least two persons in the household. Moreover, every 1 out of 4 read unaddressed mailings results in action. All of this makes unaddressed mailing a perfect medium to generate traffic and revenue.

For unaddressed mailings we can offer you the Door-2-Door service of PostNL or alternative distribution via NetwerkVSP.
PostNL Door-2-Door
At PostNL you do not have to send additional brochures, you simply have them deliver the number of brochures you have planned. Also PostNL does not deliver unaddressed mailings to households that have clearly marked their mailbox that they do not want to receive unaddressed mailings (Nee-sticker). This means you save approximately 10% on your print and distribution costs. This saving combined with the high service and delivery quality result in low costs per contact.
Additionaly, PostNL can provide you with information on optimisation of your unaddressed mailings through target selection, a carefully designed distribution plan and response measurement through MailMonitor.
Standard rates are applicable for unaddressed mailings which do not weigh more than 125 grams per item and are from one sender. If you send more than 500,000 flyers, brochures or leaflets then you can benefit from tailor made rates.
NetwerkVSP Unaddressed
NetwerkVSP is the alternative network for unaddressed mailings in the Netherlands. With a wide range of services the right service for reaching your customers is within handreach.
Start of week distribution
  • Distribution on Mondays and Tuesdays
  • Distribution in a brochure pack (polywrapped bag containing several non competing brochures)
  • Weekly measurement of delivery quality
The advantages of a brochure pack is that it stands out between all the other mail and that it keeps all brochures clean and dry (which is useful in a rainy climate!). Moreover 60% of the receivers open the brochure pack and take their time to read it.
End of week distribution
  •  Distribution of Fridays
  •  Delivery of an average of four brochures together
The main advantage for the end of week distribution is that it is delivered just before the weekend which allows Dutch to immediately go (bargain) shopping on Saturdays and Sundays.
NetwerkVSP does more than just simply deliver the mailings; they offer a comprehensive range of segmentation, response analyses, online services and green delivery solutions.

Should you have any questions or if you would like to receive more information on unaddressed mailings in the Netherlands then please feel free to contact us.