German (91.5%)

357,022 sq kms

Number of inhabitants:
81.5 million

Number of households:
39.5 million

GDP per head:
US$ 35,700.-

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Addressing formats
The postal code contains five digits and is placed to the left of the city.

Post Office Box addresses and street addresses always have different postcodes. Make sure the code you use corresponds to the address you use.

P.O.Box in German is Postfach (Pf), Street is Strasse (Str.).

Compound street names are hyphenated: Rudolf-Diesel-Str.

The designators O (former East Germany) and W (former West Germany), used before reunification, should not be used. The entire country should be addressed as GERMANY or REPUBLIC OF GERMANY.

Andreas Zimmermann
Spring Global Mail
Niederlassung Hamburg
Hermann-WUsthof-Ring 7
21035 Hamburg


Undeliverable mail terms

  • Annahme verweigert
  • Refused
  • Anschrift ungenügend
  • Insufficient address
  • Firma erloschen
  • Company does not exist
  • Nicht abgeholt
  • Unclaimed
  • Unbekannt
  • Unknown
  • Unbekannt verzogen
  • Left without forwarding address
  • Verstorben
  • Deceased
  • Verreist
  • Left
  • Verzogen
  • Gone away
  • Zurück an Absender
  • Return to sender 

National Holidays 2012

1 January  New Year's Day
6 April  Good Friday
8 April  Easter Sunday
9 April  Easter Monday
1 May  Labour Day
17 May  Ascension Day
27 May  Pentecost Sunday
28 May  Whit Monday
7 June  Corpus Christi
15 August  Assumption Day
3 October ♦ German Unity Day
25 December Christmas Day
26 December Boxing Day