United Kingdom



243,610 sq kms

Number of inhabitants:
62.7 million

Number of households:
26.2 million

GDP per head:
US$ 34,800.-

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United Kingdom

Addressing format
  • It is optional to include the county (like Middlesex in the example below) in the address.
  • The postal code has 7 different formats, using both letters and numbers, and always consists of two parts: e.g. AAN NAA, or AN NAA.
  • The first half of the code can have 2, 3 or 4 digits- either AN, AAN, or AANN. The second half of the code is always consistent: NAA format. 
  • Write the postal code in block capital letters and never join the characters. Always separate the two parts of the postcode with a space.
  • Do not use punctuation or underline the postcode.
  • The postcode should always be the last item in the address, preferably on a line by itself. If this is not possible, the postal code should be placed to the right of the last line of the address.
  • The name of the town is required in an address and should be written in capitals.
  • To denote the country, you can either use United Kingdom or, if not in Northern Ireland, Great Britain. Don't include the country if you are using one of our Destination United Kingdom services.
  • Example:

    Mr John Smith
    Spring Global Mail
    G3 Worldwide Mail (UK) Ltd
    Unit 9
    International Trading Estate
    Trident Way
    UB2 5LF

Undeliverable mail terms
  • Address inaccessible 
  • Address incomplete  
  • Addressee has gone away  
  • Addressee unknown 
  • Gone away   
  • No such post office
  • Not called for  
  • Not known at this address 
  • Refused   

Business considerations
  • The UK is a leading trading power and financial centre, with a capitalistic economy. Services, particularly in banking, insurance and business services account for by far the largest proportion of GDP.
  • According to the Economic intelligence Unit’s (EIU) latest Global Business Environment Rankings, the UK is the third best place in the world in which to conduct business  (after the Netherlands and the US), and is noted for its good policies towards private enterprise and foreign investment, and readily available financing.
  • Britain has not yet made a decision whether or not to join the euro, despite being part of the European Union.

National holidays 2012

1 January New Year's Day
2 January New Year's Day in lieu 
6 April ♦ Good Friday
8 April ♦ Easter Sunday
9 April Easter Monday  
7 May Early May Bank Holiday
4 June Bank Holiday
5 June  Queen's Diamond Jubilee
27 August  August Bank Holiday
25 December Christmas Day
26 December Boxing Day