About Spring Global Mail

Spring Global Mail provide international mail, parcel and return services to businesses. We are located in 13 countries worldwide. By combining our local knowledge with global reach we connect you to your customers easily and reliably.


Our history

In the early 00’s the international postal landscape was changing. Due to liberalisation, domestic mail markets were opening up and offered new opportunities for international postal providers.

In 2001, three of the largest postal providers in the world joint forces and Spring Global Mail were born. We started as a joint venture and mainly focused on traditional mail services like daily mail, direct mail and catalogues.

As the international landscape changed so did Spring. We introduced a comprehensive range of cross border mail, parcel and return services with the simple thought to connect you to your customers. No matter where you are. No matter where your customers are.

Since 2013, Spring Global Mail are fully part of the PostNL Group. This has allowed us to further strengthen our position in the cross border mail market, and to expand our portfolio with exiting new services such as Forward Logistics.

Our vision & mission

Our vision is to make it easy for people and businesses to communicate and trade across international boundaries.

Our mission is to be recognised as the most respected service provider in the world, supporting the cross border e-commerce market by offering creative and innovative distribution solutions.

Facts & Figures

Established in:  2001
Head office: The Hague, the Netherlands
Offices worldwide: 13
Number of employees: 1,000

About PostNL

Since 2013, Spring Global Mail are fully part of the PostNL Group.

PostNL is the national postal provider of the Netherlands. They are the essential link between the physical and online world. PostNL have the largest network for letters, parcels and e-commerce in the Benelux, and are second in the United Kingdom, Germany and Italy.

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