Destination Netherlands

Spring Global Mail are fully part of the PostNL Group. Outside the Benelux we operate as their sales agent, allowing you direct access to a nationwide distribution network and around 7 million households.

The quality of postal services in the Netherlands is amongst the highest in Europe, with over 95% of mailed letters being delivered the next day.

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Letter Mail

If you regularly send invoices, reminders, account statements or letters to the Netherlands, you know how important it is for them to be delivered with the utmost care. Your mail is in safe hands with PostNL.


Their Bulk Mail service is easy, reliable and cost efficient. With two service levels you are ensured that your mailings are delivered according to your needs.


Bulk Mail 24h

  • Available from 250 items per mailing
  • Quick and secure next day delivery
  • Delivery on 5 days per week, from Tuesdays to Saturdays


Bulk Mail Basic

  • Available from 250 items per mailing
  • Day certain delivery on Tuesdays, Thursdays or Saturdays
  • Most cost efficient option for your letter mailings to the Netherlands

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Direct Mail

Whether you need to generate leads, launch new products, make special offers or conduct research, we have inside information into the Dutch market.


Did you know?

  • 77% of Dutch households receive several mailings per week;
  • 51% of the recipients read the content and
  • 21% is the average response to direct mail.


Via PostNL we can offer you two great services:


Bulk Mail Economy Direct Mail

A cost efficient option for bulk mail deliveries (from 5,000 items per mailing) with delivery on Fridays or Mondays


Door to Door services

A wide and effective reach with a low cost per contact. No fewer than 50% of all unaddressed mailings are read by at least two people in 75% of all Dutch households


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Packets & Parcels


If you regularly send parcels to the Netherlands then PostNL can offer you a reliable service for parcels.


The advantages of using PostNL for your parcels destined to the Netherlands?

  • Reliable delivery within 24h (upon arrival in the Netherlands)
  • Delivery from Mondays to Saturdays
  • Additional options such as registered or insured parcels available
  • Dutch customers can easily track their order in our online Track & Trace tool or via the PostNL app MijnPakket


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If you regularly send small items like books or dvd’s then you can also use PostNL’s packets service. A service especially created for packets that fit a standard Dutch mail box.


The advantages of using PostNL’s packet service:

  • An easy and cost efficient service to send small items to the Netherlands
  • Volume related discount
  • For packages up to 2kg and with a maximum size of 38 x 26.5 x 3.2 cm
  • Status information for customers via the online track & trace tool or the app MijnPakket


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About the Netherlands

General information

Capital: Amsterdam
Language: Dutch
Surface: 41,543 km2
Population: 16.8 million
Households: 7.1 million
GNP per capita: USD 40,300



Addressing your international mail correctly makes it appear more professional, and raises confidence amongst your customers.

The standard addressing for the Netherlands is as follows:

Company name: Hollandse Post B.V.
FAO: De heer P. Post
Street name and number: Oranjelaan 1
Postcode and city/town: 1234 AB  AMSTERDAM
Country: the Netherlands


Terms for undeliverable items

Sometimes items are returned because they could not be delivered. The reasons vary and below you can find the most common terms used in the Netherlands.

Onbekend: The addressee is unknown at the address, or the address is unknown
Geweigerd: The recipient refused to accept the mail item
Vertrokken: The addressee no longer lives/works at the given address
Adres onvolledig: There is information missing from the address, making it undeliverable
Overleden: The recipient has ceased
Retour afzender: The addressee returned the mail item without stating a reason for return